Brooklyn Nine-Nine Star Terry Crews Shakes Up the Elevator with his Old Spice Voice


Have you ever had your whole day made by a stranger, and for the rest of that day, you weren’t able to stop smiling??? Well OMG that just happened to me today when I stalked the incomparable Terry Crews into the elevator!!! First of all, the Brooklyn Nine-Nine star has been one of my favorite actors ever since his hilarious break out role in White Chicks, and I’ve loved just about everything else he’s done (including his Old Spice campaign!). With a build like that, I’m sure nothing scares him. But I must say, my fangirl shriek did startle him a bit! I’m just glad he didn’t use his football skills to tackle me to the ground.

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Malin Akerman’s Boob Cage To Terry Crews’ Lounge Act: The Week’s Worst-Dressed

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We’re less than two weeks into the new year and still waiting for most stars to come out of hibernation and put their crazy getups on display — I mean, what are they afraid of, that they’ll appear in this post or something? That must be why they invented the People’s Choice Awards and the Palm Springs International Film Festival, to keep wacko fashions in the public eye at all times.
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Isla Fisher and Terry Crews Join The Cast For The New Season Of Arrested Development

Isla Fisher and Terry Crews join the cast of Arrested Development series

When we saw pictures of Michael Cera in the set of the Bluth family model home last month, we nearly blue ourselves. Now we  have even more exciting news to pass on about the new series of Arrested Development coming to Netflix next year. According to Zap2It, Bachelorette star Isla Fisher and ex-footballer/current Newsroom actor Terry Crews are reportedly joining the cast, along with the usual suspects like Jason Bateman, Will Arnett and Portia De Rossi. Their roles haven’t been announced yet, but we’re still pretty pumped. Will Terry be the Bluth family’s personal linebacker? Will Isla invite her husband Sacha Baron Cohen on the show? A guest spot by Borat would definitely be something! Or maybe the British beauty will play the lovely Rita Leed’s friend. Charlize Theron says she’d definitely be down for it, and so would we! Check out the gallery below to see what’s new with your favorite Arrested Development cast members these days.

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