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10 Celebrities Who Are Probably Vampires

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Money can buy you plastic surgery, but it can’t buy you eternal youth. It can wield power, but it can’t buy you the wisdom to handle that power. There has to be more than that, a supernatural force this world hasn’t quite grasped: vampirism. Read more…

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Tilda Swinton Wears A Shoe On Her Head And Other Things To Know About Snowpiercer


Starring Chris Evans, Tilda Swinton, Jamie Bell, Octavia Spencer and Ed Harris, Snowpiercer tells the story of a dystopian future when climate change have lay wasted to what remains of Earth. The planet is covered in a deadly permafrost brought on by man’s attempts to reverse years of the planet’s atmospheric destruction. The film is a mouthful of an allegory that will likely become a cult classic than make billions this weekend at the box office. It’s not to say the film is bad — it’s not for everyone — it’s just not your typical blockbuster affair. Fans of Oldboy and Sunshine (also starring Evans), will enjoy the mix of sci-fi, action, and gore presented in Korean director Bong Joon-ho’s film adaption of the French graphic novel Le Transperceneige. Oh yeah, and Tilda Swinton wears a shoe on her head! But that’s just one of the things you should know going into the film.

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The 10 Most Hilarious Celebrity Memes Of 2013 So Far


Ermahgerd, memes! There is little that makes us happier than a new meme. Every time one comes up on our Tumblr dash, we do a little dance of excitement. Since 2013 has been one of the best years yet for pop-culture-driven, fan powered Internet humor, we thought that halfway through the year would be a good time to showcase a few of our favorites, including Actresses Without Teeth, Interrupting Javert, Sleeping Tilda Swinton, and our personal favorite Flower Crowns.

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Eva Longoria, Jessica Chastain, Camels: The 15 Most Unforgettable Outfits At Cannes Opening Day

The 65th annual Cannes Film festival kicked off in high style today, as celebs from all around the world descended to the coastal town with their finest clothes and accessories. Eva Longoria and Diane Kruger both made big entrances in huge Cinderella gowns with trains that could stretch all the way to Paris! Jessica Chastain’s dress was a little more streamlined, but definitely drew attention with a plunging neckline. The dudes cleaned up pretty nicely as well, with action stars Bruce Willis and Chris Pine rockin’ the tuxes, but Sacha Baron Cohen (predictably) stole the show when he rode down the red carpet in full Dictator regalia while on the back of a camel. Sure it’s pretty in-your-face, but at least it’s better than drowning Elisabetta Canalis for publicity, right? We’ll go with yes. Check out more incredible styles in the gallery below!

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From Rihanna To Barbara Walters, The Time 100 Gala Pulls In A Diverse Spectrum Of Stars

The Time 100 Gala celebrating its “100 Most Influential People of 2011″ went down in the very sedate setting of the Frederick P. Rose Hall at Lincoln Center in New York last night. This instagram gallery of the event made us very happy, for some strange reason. Of course we had our own take of who the top 22 on that list of 100 stars are. We’re also concerned with what a number of those top 100 women wore yesterday, and we’re happy to say that it was a very colorful carpet. Amy Poehler decided to wear a black dress and bring it back to monotone, but it was so hot that she’s totally forgiven. Check out the low neckline and flounced skirt. Her buddy Kristen Wiig also wore a black lace jumpsuit but it had nude lining underneath, and she had a white jacket on, so it doesn’t count. We just wish the whole thing would fit better because Kristen’s such a babe.

Claire Danes wore a beautiful rusty-red Lanvin shift, but her updo could have been better style. Sticking to somewhat of the same color spectrum was Rihanna who looked stunning in a fuchsia prom dress by Marchesa with black Louboutin pumps. It was so pretty and girly — very different from her usual rude girl style. Tyra Banks wore the same color, only in a sweeping old Hollywood type of gown. We just can’t explain her crazy expressions, because there were plenty. That whole “smiling with the eyes” thing just isn’t working anymore. Other ladies who looked classy even though they have a couple of decades on the younger stars were Arianna Huffington in royal blue lace and Barbara Walters who wore a burgundy gown with a chain belt. Check out the gallery to see all the looks for yourself.

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A Couple Of WTF Time 100 Gala Moments: Tyra Banks’ Crazy Eyes, Sara Blakely’s Spanx 

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Rihanna To E.L. James: The Time 100’s 22 Most Influential People On This Blog

Every year, Time does a pretty decent job combining pop culture personalities with businesspeople and super important political types for their 100 Most Influential People list, and this year is no exception. We’ll let you read about Hillary Clinton and Anthony Kennedy on your own time. We’re going to recap the people on the list who have some pretty hefty influence on these very blog pages. Here’s how they rank — in our expert opinion of ourselves — and why:

22. Tim Cook: For being Steve Jobs’ successor as CEO of Apple, from whom we will be buying lots of things until the end of time, even though we are still PC people.

21. Marc Andreessen: For being the co-creator of the first widely used web browser (Mosaic), who now owns part of, like every social media platform we use. So, thanks!

20. Walter Isaacson: One more geeky entry here for the Steve Jobs biography, since every other person we know has been reading it.

19. Louis C.K.: For being one of the most consistently funny people on TV and Web ever.

18. Jeremy Lin: Not necessarily for what he’s done for the Knicks as much as for what he’s done for punny headlines and tweets.

17. Raphael Saadiq:
For making old-school soul so now.

16. Tim Tebow: For being the suspected football boyfriend of every “good” girl in Hollywood. And maybe now New York, too?
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BAFTA Awards: Hot Stuff And Hot Messes Across The Pond

The fact that the British Film and Television Awards took place on the same day as the Grammys probably only annoys folks like us, who would really like to be giving both events our full attention. And so it goes that we basically ignored the U.K.’s Oscars, missing adorable speeches from The Artist’s Jean Dujardin and Michel Hazanavicius (whose Best Actor and Best Director wins were two of seven awards for the film), and not catching that cute moment in which Best Actress winner Meryl Streep lost her shoe climbing the stairs to the stage and Colin Firth ran to get it for her and place it on her feet. Until now, of course. On the red carpet, there were a handful of A-listers, a few Mad Men and Downton Abbey faves, and a lot of Brits that haven’t fully crossed over to the states yet. To our slight disappointment, there weren’t too many total fashion fails, but we managed to find a few (Oh, Christina Hendricks, why must you do that to your body?). Mostly, though, we saw some sexy strutting from the likes of Viola Davis, Christina Ricci and Brad Pitt. See for yourself who was hot, and who was just a hot mess, in the gallery below.

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