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Tim Gunn Admits: “I Haven’t Had Sex In 29 Years”

On a very special episode of his new show The Revolution Tim Gunn admitted that it’s been quite a long time since he had a gentleman suitor take a turn on the catwalk. About three decades long, to be exact. “I haven’t had sex in 29 years,” the Project Runway host revealed on the show today. “Do I feel like less of a person because of it? No.” Gunn went on to explain that a negative experience during an “intense” relationship lead to his long-time celibacy. “He was impatient with my sexual performance,” Tim said of his unnamed ex as he blinked back tears. Too bad they couldn’t make it work! Haha, do you get it? We have to laugh or else we will never stop weeping.

This isn’t the first time Tim has talked about his sex life (or lack there of) in public, but it certain is the saddest! Despite his still raw emotions about the decision (and the fact that the world is a cruel, cold, unfeeling place for hurting someone as wonderful as him), Tim Gunn reminded everyone that sex is not the most important factor in a good relationship of any kind. “I’m a perfectly fulfilled person… but it’s very physiological,” he said. “I’m happy to be healthy and alive, frankly.” We couldn’t agree more! Well, unless we were agreeing to egg this guy’s house with you and Heidi while wearing matching couture face masks. Then we would be even more agreeable.

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Tim Gunn Calls Taylor Momsen Bratty And Pathetic! Carry On!

Thank God for this press tour Tim Gunn is on to promote his new book. Without it, we wouldn’t be privy to all the juicy stories Gunn has up his sleeve.

First, Gunn dished on Anna Wintour‘s inability to take the stairs like a normal human at a fashion show, and just yesterday he regaled us with a tale that titillated us even more. This time the target was our favorite raccoon-eyed starlet, Taylor Momsen. Gunn recently shot a guest spot on Gossip Girl and while his experience with the rest of the cast was just lovely, he had it up to here (hand motions to silvery-gray head of distinguished, classy hair) with Momsen. He explained “What a diva! She was pathetic, she couldn’t remember her lines, and she didn’t even have that many. I thought to myself ‘why are we all being held hostage by this brat?” Ouch! But also, that’s not all!

Gunn continued, saying if wishes he could take Momsen aside and give her a stern talking to. “I’d say, ‘You know young lady, there are hundreds of thousands of girls who are just as attractive and even smarter than you. Why are you acting like this show is a huge burden on you?’ She was on her phone during every break, I wanted to tell her, ‘If you weren’t on your BlackBerry, you can retain this stuff.'” He also said that the crew is sick of Momsen too, noting “At one point the director leaned in and whispered to me, ‘this is day in, day out, my life.’ She annoyed the entire crew.”

Tim Gunn: sartorial genius and diva-destroying, truth-speaking hero. We’re holding out hope that one day, he and Anderson Cooper (who is the best thing about Regis and Kelly whenever he fills in for Regis Philben) will partner up and have the most amazing, tell-it-like-it-is talk show.


Anna Wintour Calls Naomi Campbell “A Joy” But Loathes Tim Gunn. Fashion Is A Bizarro World

We’ve always loved Tim Gunn for his candor and class on Project Runway, but he’s been stirring up the fashion world lately with a book he wrote which reveals some juicy tidbits about fashion’s queen bee, Anna Wintour.

Gunn has been making the rounds this Fashion Week to promote Gunn’s Golden Rules, which contains a story about how he witnessed Wintour being carried down five flights of stairs at a fashion show. That he would publicly call out Wintour for her diva-like behavior made her so angry she demanded he retract the story, but he refused explaining that it was 100% true and he wasn’t the only witness. He included the story in the book, he says, not because she was carried, but because she made such a stink about being outed for it “Accept responsibility for your own behavior. If you’re going to be carried down five flights of stairs, own up to it,” he said on Live! with Regis and Kelly earlier in the week.

Today in Page Six, Gunn was asked what he would do if he saw Wintour at Fashion Week this week, to which he replied “Lord knows hell would freeze over if I came face to face with her here, but I probably wouldn’t be able to see past her handlers.” In addition, Gunn told WWD “I had friends and colleagues say, ‘You’ll never be invited to a dinner party again.’ My response was ‘Hallelujah!'” Could not love him more.

What’s ironic to us is how Wintour is upset with Gunn for being a sensible and decent human being, but just today defended universally loathed model Naomi Campell. Campbell was accused of being difficult to work with (if we had a nickel…) at the Fashion’s Night Out event held earlier this week in New York, but Wintour disagreed, stating “Naomi was on time, professional and a joy to work with.” Campbell may indeed have been professional and punctual, but we’re highly suspicious of any joy being had within her cell-phone throwing radius. But there you have it, an inside glimpse of the Opposite-Day/Bizarro World goings on in the world of fashion. So glad we get all our clothes at T.J. Maxx.

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Gunn Calls ‘Em Like He Sees ‘Em

Project Runway‘s Tim Gunn has a sixth sense when it comes to fashion, and to receive his sartorial advice is an honor … unless he deems you a disaster. While Gunn isn’t setting himself up to be a harsh critic like Mr. Blackwell and his famous worst-dressed list, he has been doling out his opinions to anyone who asks lately.

When asked to compare and contrast potential First Ladies, Gunn tells Us magazine: “No contest, Michelle [Obama]. She epitomizes class and American style. She looks approachable. [Cindy McCain] on the other hand — with her button-down suits and blouses — looks like she’s duct-taped. Her fashion is a metaphor for her personality.”

On Katie Holmes recent outbreak of boyfriend-jean-itis (the pegged look we all rocked in sixth grade): “I have to say, Katie Holmes has become so much more sophisticated in so many ways, but I think she’s in a dip right now. I can’t explain it. She ascended from this tomboyish waif look to an incredible sexy sophisticate. We realize how much style she’s capable of. I don’t get it.”

And expounding on Hannah Montana herself, Gunn says: “(Miley Cyrus) is just a little too tarty, forgive me. I don’t want her to look like she’s going into a convent school, but it’s just a little too much for a 15-year-old. If I didn’t know better, I’d swear she was 25.”

Thank God we have Tim around to say what we’re all thinking. As a bonus, he also tells OK! a juicy tidbit about Runway and one of it’s more entertaining contestants this season, grommet-pounding leather-lover, Stella: “We have Stella and her ‘leatha.’ She’s got to get away from that, and she’s constantly defending, ‘That’s what I do.’ Then you’re nothing but a one-note. You better get prepared to pack your bags.” [Photo: Getty Images]