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Jets Coach Rex Ryan Has A Tattoo Of His Wife “Tebowing” In Only A Mark Sanchez Jersey

Jets coarch Rex Ryan shows off new tattoo of wife with Sanchez jersey

New York Jets Coach Rex Ryan showed that he’s unusually devoted to his team as it’s revealed that he has a tattoo depicting a woman -who is reportedly his wife- wearing nothing but a the jersey of his beloved quarter-back Mark Sanchez. If that’s not enough team love for you, the figure appears to be bent in fellow Jet Tim Tebow’s trademark “Tebowing” move. Geez, we hope things don’t go south between Ryan and Sanchez! Although we guess he could turn that number 6 into an 8 pretty easily.

The coach was spotted with his ink while on vacation at Paradise Island in the Bahamas by a New York Daily News photographer. When he saw the camera pointed at him, Ryan reported let out an “Oh s–t,” and ran for the hills. But not before the photog caught the mildly racy image on his upper right arm. Oh yeah, you better believe this make our list of hilariously ill-advised celebrity tattoos. Check out a bunch more in the gallery below!

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C’mon, Tim Tebow’s TiVo Ad Isn’t That Bad, Is It?

Personally, I’m not the biggest Tim Tebow fan — just ’cause I don’t really care that much for football or people who feel the need to wear their religion on their sleeve. But today I find myself coming to the defense of the Jets QB, as people pile on about his new TiVo ad, above.

“If this whole football thing doesn’t work out, he won’t have acting to fall back on, either,” wrote AdWeek‘s John Tejada.

“Poor TiVo. I wonder if they were like, ‘OH SH–‘ when they first saw this and hella people were fired and heads rolled?” Jezebel’s Laura Beck said.

OK, sure, his main job in this ad is to look pretty while two adorable kids talk about their mom’s crush on him. “My dad is not your biggest fan right now,” the pig-tailed girl says. “I can see why,” Tebow says with a laugh. He’s no Manning brother, but is that what we wanted from him?

People who love cooing over his aww-shucks demeanor and twinkly eyes will probably get a bigger kick out of the silly interview he did for TiVo, in which he talks about MacGyver building a submarine with lettuce and a cucumber.
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Off the Court and Onto the Red Carpet: The 20 Most Fabulous Athletes at the ESPY Awards

Want to see some fresh faces on the red carpet? Well, athletes like Maria Sharapova and Danica Patrick left their rackets and racecars behind last night while they attended the ESPYs in Los Angeles. We counted down the best dressed celebs from last night’s star-studded event, but we also want to show you tons of athletes got all glammed up and looked completely stunning at the award night!

As much as we love watching our fave football players —those tight white pants!— running around on the field, Tim TebowDrew Brees and Victor Cruz sure do clean up well! We love any opportunity to see athletes strut their stuff in their red carpet best and they definitely did not let us down.

We barely even recognized some of these athletes without a ball or surfboard in hand. Check out the gallery below to see them getting down with their glam selves as well as wearing their game faces!

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Rihanna To E.L. James: The Time 100’s 22 Most Influential People On This Blog

Every year, Time does a pretty decent job combining pop culture personalities with businesspeople and super important political types for their 100 Most Influential People list, and this year is no exception. We’ll let you read about Hillary Clinton and Anthony Kennedy on your own time. We’re going to recap the people on the list who have some pretty hefty influence on these very blog pages. Here’s how they rank — in our expert opinion of ourselves — and why:

22. Tim Cook: For being Steve Jobs’ successor as CEO of Apple, from whom we will be buying lots of things until the end of time, even though we are still PC people.

21. Marc Andreessen: For being the co-creator of the first widely used web browser (Mosaic), who now owns part of, like every social media platform we use. So, thanks!

20. Walter Isaacson: One more geeky entry here for the Steve Jobs biography, since every other person we know has been reading it.

19. Louis C.K.: For being one of the most consistently funny people on TV and Web ever.

18. Jeremy Lin: Not necessarily for what he’s done for the Knicks as much as for what he’s done for punny headlines and tweets.

17. Raphael Saadiq:
For making old-school soul so now.

16. Tim Tebow: For being the suspected football boyfriend of every “good” girl in Hollywood. And maybe now New York, too?
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Besties Alert: Taylor Swift And Dianna Agron Are Hunger Games Buddies

At first glance, this twitpic looks perfectly innocuous. It’s a group of girls on movie night. But look closer at the two blonds in the middle of the picture and you’ll see that this isn’t just a random ladies night out. It’s Taylor Swift and Dianna Agron! And they were watching The Hunger Games together, not at some special screening, but at a regular ol’ movie theatre in L.A. A pal of theirs called Abbey Cameron tweeted the photograph, saying, “The Hunger Games with the girlfriends” which is how we found out about their little excursion. Looks like there is zero tension even though Tim Tebow invited both Taylor and Dianna to his second annual ‘Tim Tebow Foundation Charity Golf Tournament’ on April 14 in Ponte Vedra. Remember how Tim and Taylor supposedly dated? Can’t blame him for wanting both the blonds around him, though. They’re both gorgeous, even when they’re dressed casual. Darn.

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Tim Tebow Is The 342,528th Man Rumored To Have Dated Taylor Swift

Reverent footballer Tim Tebow is rumored to be dating most of Hollywood, and so is Taylor Swift. So it seemed like only a matter of time before the two would be somehow linked in a match made in slow-news-day hell. The two were first spotted together at a pre-Oscar party last weekend. “They were together for almost an hour,” a witness told Celebuzz. “She approached Tim and he looked more than happy to be talking with her.” And any elementary schooler knows that when a boy and a girl talk, it’s because they like each other.

But maybe there is something to the rumors after all. Apparently the two shared a meal an Italian restaurant on Monday. Maybe it’s love … or maybe it’s just love of spaghetti arrabiata. Who knows? It would definitely make sense that the two squeaky clean celebs could find some common ground.

But then again, Taylor does tend to have quite the active dating life. Wasn’t she supposed to be with Zac Efron, like, last week? She’s been linked to so many people that it’s hard to keep track! So as a public service, we’ve compiled a comprehensive history of Taylor Swift’s boyfriends, real and imagined. No need to thank us. Head on down to the gallery below to see the men behind all those breakup songs!

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