How Much Longer Can ‘Scandal’ Go On?

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I’m often weary of criticizing Scandal for two reasons: I love Shonda Rhimes and I fear Shonda Rhimes. Shonda’s clap back is one of the smoothest in all the land. She will get you together in 140 characters or less as she sells ABC her billionth TV show all while writing and producing the other 200 shows she currently has on air. And I really, truly adore Kerry Washington. Read more…

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These Sexy Fictional Presidents Definitely Get Our Vote

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There’s just something undeniably hot about a man (or woman) in charge. In charge of the Free World also known as the United States of America, that is. When actors like Blair UnderwoodTony Goldwyn, and Harrison Ford post up in the Oval Office, we’d happily cast as many votes as it takes to keep them there forever. Read more…

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Kerry Washington Tries To Pretend That Kissing Scott Foley and Tony Goldwyn Isn’t the Best Job Ever

Leave it to Ellen DeGeneres to put the sexy Scandal leads in the hot seat. On today’s The Ellen DeGeneres Show, the host asked Kerry Washington to answer a question fans have been wondering for nearly three seasons. Who’s the better kisser: Scotty Foley or Tony Goldwyn? Her answer may not be what you’d expect…

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Cheat Sheet: The 10 Most Scandalous Affairs in TV History

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Scandal’s Olivia Pope and President Grant are in the middle of one of the sexiest — and most flagrantly dead-wrong (hello, he’s still very married to Mellie!) — affairs in TV history. But they certainly didn’t invent the art of scandalous secret love. From Friday Night Lights’ Tim Riggins stealing Lila Garrity from his BFF; to Cersei and Jaime’s twincestuous, extra-marital boning on Game of Thrones; here are the 10 hottest affairs in TV history.

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Scandal Burn List: 7 Snappiest Quotes From “It’s Handled”


People are unhappy with each other in D.C. Also in the fictional D.C. Though we suspect real-life D.C. wishes they had a nice sex scandal on their hands right now instead of a shutdown. At least on Scandal, everyone is equipped with precisely calculated zingers, courtesy of Shonda Rhimes and company, to help them talk through the pain. And ouch, no one was safe during last night’s season three premiere. Here are our favorite quotes, and the people burned by them:
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