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Jessica Simpson’s Ex Tony Romo Announces Baby On The Way

Jessica Simpson, you need to get on your game! Everyone knows the point of having an adorable baby with your gorgeous husband is to show all your exes how great your life is! Oh, and to create a family to love and cherish forever. Regardless!

Jessica Simpson’s alleged baby bump might be obvious to anyone with eyes to see, but it’s her ex Tony Romo’s baby who got an official announcement out there first. “Um, no, I don’t have any kids. I’ve actually got one on the way. My wife’s pregnant.,” Romo told a cheering crowd of kids while visiting Cedar Hill High School outside of Dallas today. See, Jessica! You could have had an auditorium full of ninth graders cheering for your fetus! Granted Romo and Simpson split back in 2009 and probably don’t even think about each other anymore, but what about us? Jessica had better pop that sucker out first, is all we’re saying. Do it for the fans!

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Tony Romo Engaged, Nick Lachey Domino Effect Continues

Tony Romo & Candance Crawford

You know those rom-coms that end with everyone getting married? Well, another member of Jessica Simpson‘s supporting cast is headed to the altar. Footballer Tony Romo, who dated Simpson from November 2007 until the summer of 2009, has announced his engagement to former Miss Missouri Candice Crawford. This news comes only a month after Jessica announced her own engagement to Eric Johnson, which happened two weeks after her ex-husband Nick Lachey revealed he was engaged to Vanessa Minnillo. You can’t make this crap up.

Though we’re sure Jessica will make the same game face Nick does when people ask him about her nuptials, we wouldn’t be surprised if she’s less than enthused. After all, Her split from Romo was blamed in part on her desire to get hitched (that and Joe Simpson‘s football advice). Hopefully Candice Bergen won’t schedule everyone for the same day and location.

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Jessica Simpson Banned From Tony Romo’s Home


Jessica Simpson not only got broken up with by Tony Romo the night before her 29th birthday, now she is banned from his house. A sign at the entrance of Tony’s Dallas home reads, “RED ALERT!!! TONY ROMO HAS MADE SOME CHANGES TO HIS LIST OF PEOPLE ALLOWED IN…JESSICA IS NO LONGER IN AND NOT APPROVED FOR ACCESS”

Not that Jessica is banging down his door trying to get in anyway. The singer paid $19,000 on July 15th to ship 37 boxes worth of her stuff back to Los Angeles. Hopefully she didn’t forget anything and doesn’t just stop by to try to get it – she definitely won’t be getting past the gate! [Source: Us Weekly; Photo: Getty Images]


Was Jessica Begging For An Engagement Ring?


Immediately after their breakup was announced, speculation about the reason behind Jessica Simpson and Tony Romo‘s split has ranged from John Mayer texting his ex to Papa Joe telling Tony how to play football.  The latest rumor is that Jessica kept begging for an engagement ring and Tony just wasn’t ready for that.

“It got to the point where that’s all she’d talk about. She would speak to him all the time about buying an engagement ring. Even in public. Jessica expected it last Christmas. Then she thought she would get one for New Year’s Eve. And when by Valentine’s Day it didn’t happen, the tension between them became explosive,” a source says.

Apparently the $h*t hit the fan the night before her birthday when, “Tony warned her that he wasn’t ready to buy a ring. They had a massive fight and Tony cut the cord for good.”

So what do you think is the real reason behind their breakup? John Mayer‘s texts, Jessica’s dad meddling in their affairs, or the engagement ring drama??? [Photo: Getty Images]


Newly Single Tony Romo Parties And Shops


Following his split with Jessica Simpson, Tony Romo has not been sitting home sulking. Friday night the football star headed out to Hollywood hotspot MyHouse where he had “a typical guys night out,” and sat at a table “packed with people” and “was talking to several girls throughout the night.”

Saturday afternoon Tony and his pals reportedly lounged poolside at the Sunset Marquis and had a “relaxed boys weekend.” Monday, however, Tony was back out when he hit up West Hollywood’s Key Club where he ironically serenaded Jessica for her birthday last year.

On Tuesday Tony picked up some T-shirts and board shorts at L.A. shop Affliction. He also reportedly shot a Pepsi commercial that morning. [Source:; Photo: Getty Images]


Jessica Simpson And Tony Romo Break Up


Nice timing, Tony Romo. The football player reportedly broke up with his girlfriend Jessica Simpson the night before her 29th birthday July 10. Jess was supposedly getting ready for a Ken and Barbie themed birthday bash, but abruptly canceled the plans due to the split.

“She canceled her party because of this,” a source says. “She’s doing OK.”

Another source claims this might just be temporary. “They go from one fight right into another, without a second break. It’s always something with Jessica.”

If it is permanent, maybe Jessica will recycle ex Nick Lachey, who recently split with girlfriend Vanessa Minillo! [Photo: Getty Images]

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Jessica Drops $100,000 On Boat For Boyfriend

Jessica Simpson Tony Romo Speedboat

Tony Romo‘s on a boat, motherf*cker! The Dallas Cowboys star is the proud owner of a brand new speedboat, thanks to girlfriend Jessica “Moneybags” Simpson. Apparently she’s making a killing selling bathing suits and shoes with her name on the label, and she gifted her man the $100,000 sea cruiser for his birthday last month.

Jess revealed the posh present at a birthday party for Tony at their Dallas, Texas home. But don’t let her generosity fool you – there’s supposedly some serious manipulation behind the gargantuan gift. “Jessica knows that Tony has always wanted a boat,” said a source. “(She’s) hoping that her birthday gift will lead to marriage, and by this time next year she’ll be walking down the aisle with him.”

Seriously – what’s a girl gotta do to get married around here? [Photo: Splash News Online]


Carrie Underwood Makeover: Fab Or Fail?

Carrie Underwood entered the fourth season of American Idol as a 21-year-old country girl from Oklahoma who favored T-shirts, jeans and no makeup and listed her hero as “mommy” on her Idol application. Carrie lived on a farm, far from the glitz and glamour of Los Angeles and pleaded in a country drawl on her Idol audition video, “I wanna go to Hollywood really bad.” After Carrie won the season, she released the best-selling female country debut album of all time, graced numerous red carpets in fabulous gowns, and dated some of Hollywood’s hottest eligible bachelors (Chace Crawford, Tony Romo and current hockey player beau Mike Fisher).

Carrie became educated on designer labels and chucked her overalls. “I’ll go home and one of my friends will say, ‘Oh my, gosh, those shoes are so cute.’ And I’ll say, ‘Oh, they’re Christian Loubotin’s.’ They’re like, ‘What?’ she told Glamour. She also started stocking up at Sephora. “I have a giant makeup case, more makeup than any girl should have in her lifetime,” she admits. Carrie also shed her country girl pounds by doing cardio workouts and keeping a diary of everything she eats. In just a few years Carrie morphed from goofy farm girl to sophisticated fashionista.

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Jessica Simpson Looks Hot

Forget that Bellygate controversyJessica Simpson looked smoking hot while performing at the Florida Strawberry Festival in Plant City, Florida on Sunday. Jessica wore Daisy Dukes and a white corset that accentuated her curves in all the right places. Although she could have picked out something more stylish than that boring brown flannel to go over it, she looked pretty ferocious overall. Nice to see she threw out those unflattering jeans and replaced it with this complementary bustier that highlights her best assets. [Photos: Splash News Online]

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Carrie’s Really Sorry (Tony Called Her)

Remember way back when we told you Jessica Simpson‘s boyfriend Tony Romo was still calling his ex, Carrie Underwood? Yeah. Well Carrie’s super-sorry she let that cat out of the bag. Not sorry that he was still calling her, mind you. But sorry that she said anything.

In next month’s Elle, Carrie opens up about the remark, saying “It was something that was said in passing, and I would never mean to say anything to hurt anybody or stir up anything, because I’m just not about drama…at all.” Jess quickly refuted the claim, saying that she regularly checks her boyfriend’s call log, which doesn’t sound like a psycho girlfriend thing to do at all. [Photo: Getty]