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Top Gun 2 Has Allegedly “Fallen Apart.” Luckily It Tops Our 5 Movies That Should Never Get Made!

Top Gun 2 Falls Apart

If you’ve been shining your aviators and working on your spike for the release of Top Gun 2…well, we have some bad news. Despite rumors/Tom Cruise Talk of an upcoming sequel to his classic fighter pilot flick, the tragic demise of its director Tony Scott have pretty much put a kibosh on the sequel. Paramount Pictures allegedly acknowledged the film isn’t happening, which is…probably for the best. Honestly, did anyone want to see a Tom Cruise rip-off in the main role? Or Tom Cruise himself, 26 couch-jumping years later? If you ask us, Top Gun 2 is just one of several rumored upcoming movies that should not get made…

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From Top Gun To The Good Wife, Which Was Your Favorite Tony Scott Creation?

Top Gun, Beverly Hills Cop II, The Good Wife, True Romance

For those of us who know Tony Scott only through his work, it’s difficult to reconcile his exuberant, action-packed movies and thought-provoking TV shows with his shocking suicide on Sunday. (Note: ABC News is now reporting that Scott had been diagnosed with inoperable brain cancer before his death). That’s why we thought it would be a good time to focus on the positive — all the great things he brought us in his four-plus decades as a director and producer. Sure, his movies, from 1986’s Top Gun through 2010’s Unstoppable weren’t the stuff of Oscar nods and critics’ raves, but they were FUN. And in recent years, his work as a TV producer of shows such as The Good Wife saw him balance that entertainment factor with plenty of critical kudos.

In my super early days as an entertainment writer, I had a chance to interview Scott about a little-seen (and canceled after three episodes) TV show called AFP: American Fighter Pilot. What sticks with me about that brief phone call was how excited he was about the project — this veteran of the industry was hyped about a little reality show! — and how willing he was to dip back into nostalgia for Top Gun. In celebration of Scott’s enthusiasm for his own work, look back at some our faves, and then vote for your own!

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Tony Scott, Director Of Top Gun, Enemy Of The State And More, Tragically Commits Suicide

Director Tony Scott Commits Suicide

What absolutely terrible news to start the week with. Tony Scott was a director whose work defined our lexicon of movies. He was responsible for films like Top Gun, Beverly Hills Cop II, Crimson Tide, Enemy of the State, Days of Thunder and so many more. He was also the younger brother of filmmaker Ridley Scott, with whom he ran a very successful TV production company. It’s so awful having to refer to him in past tense, now, because Tony committed suicide yesterday by jumping off  Vincent Thomas Bridge at around 12:30 p.m. Numerous people called 911 around 12:35 p.m. to report that someone had jumped from the bridge spanning San Pedro and Terminal Island in Los Angeles Harbor. While the reasons why have not as yet been revealed to us, a member of the U.S. Coast Guard, Lt. Jennifer Osburn found a sort of a suicide note in his Toyota Prius, which he had parked on one of the eastbound lanes of the bridge before jumping. Another suicide letter was found in his office later on.

UPDATE: ABC News sites a source close to Scott as saying the director had been diagnosed with inoperable brain cancer.

The 68-year-old director’s body was only found around 4:30 p.m., after a dive team had to use sonar equipment to locate it. Like we said, no news as to why he took such a drastic step, or what pushed him into ending his life. Scott leaves behind a wife, Donna Scott, and twin sons. Our deepest condolences to his family and friends.

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