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10 Lifetime Celebrity Biopics We Are Dying To See

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If there’s one network that has become a huge guilty pleasure, it’s Lifetime. The network continues to make movie safter movies that are must-see events. This weekend is no different with Christina Ricci starring in Lifetime’s version of Lizzie Borden, a woman accused and acquitted of the ax murders of her father and stepmother. Lizzie Borden Took an Ax has all the elements that make for a good Lifetime flick: drama, murder, brooding men, inappropriate relationships, mystery and intrigue. That’s what makes it such a perfect celebrity biopic. Like Anna Nicole Smith (Anna Nicole) and Elizabeth Taylor (Liz & Dick) before her, Lizzie joins a long list of celebs who got the Lifetime treatment. However, there are so many more that we want made!

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#34: Tonya Harding Has Nancy Kerrigan Clubbed

Everyone wants to win. Yet most people wouldn’t go as far as clobbering the competition into submission with a “collapsible metal baton.” But then most people aren’t as desperate or vicious as figure-skating pariah Tonya Harding.

In 1994, the 23-year-old World silver-medalist played a key role in the crude attack on Nancy Kerrigan, a gorgeous goody-goody who was the figure skating equivalent of Snow White, and who Harding believed was her biggest obstacle to Olympic gold. A thug, hired on behalf of the high-school dropout, pounded a club into Kerrigan’s knee as she exited the ice after an Olympic trials run-through in Detroit. After Harding’s bodyguard squealed that she and her creepy husband masterminded the attack, the press went ballistic, milking the good girl/bad girl stereotype for all it was worth.

Nothing good came of Harding’s malicious envy. Although she later dodged jail-time by pleading guilty, she was stripped of her title and banished from the sport. When we last saw Harding, she had traded in her skates for boxing gloves and was trading blows with the equally sleazy Paula Jones.