Secret Spokesmodels: Guess The Celebs Who Voiced These Ads


These stars have had their faces pasted all over billboards and tabloids, but occasionally they hide their gorgeous complexions from the masses. This includes the dashing George Clooney, the hilarious Ty Burrell and so many others. We’ve got ads from¬†15 big celebrities who’ve concealed their identities for popular commercials. Can you peg the famous voices?

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Justin Bieber, Usher, Gavin DeGraw And A Merry Band Of Dudes Spiff Up The Billboard Awards

Male Celebrities, 2012 Billboard Music Awards

While the women may have held their own in the best-dressed department at the 2012 Billboard Music Awards, the men were a class apart. Love ‘em or hate ‘em, you certainly couldn’t ignore them. Case in point, Usher, whose electric cyan suit would’ve looked clownish on anyone else but him. Or LMFAO who strode around in their usual neanderthal style picks. The rest of the men were a lot more sedate in their choices. There was a fedora here and there — on Gavin DeGraw who looked like a ’40s gangster in his suit. Or Wiz Khalifa who paired his with a waistcoat, low-rise jeans and Amber Rose.

We spotted a bow-tie on Modern Family‘s Ty Burell, over a plaid shirt. Also wearing checks was Eric Benet, who picked the pattern for his suit.¬†Justin Bieber kept it contemporary and youthful with a pair of cool kicks. Also contemporary, but in a completely different direction was the very fashionable Robin Thicke. All in all, we approve of how the men made sure the carpet was sartorially diverse. If only this could happen all the time. We have 12 picks in the gallery below, and they’re all your favorite male celebrities, so click away and enjoy!

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10 Emmy Winners Looking Like They Just Stole An Emmy

Despite being up against super talented and perhaps just-as-worthy candidates in their respective categories at the Emmy Awards tonight, each of the winners pictured below won fair and square (to the best of our potentially naive knowledge). And yet, when photographed in the press room with their just-nabbed golden trophy, Melissa McCarthy, Peter Dinklage, Ty Burrell and Julie Bowen (among others) rocked faces of guilt, sneakiness, and paranoia.
What gives, Emmy champs?! Nobody’s gonna still your hardware! See nine very suspicious actors below. [Photos: Getty Images]

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