Dior & Vogue Celebrate Charlize Theron


Dior and Vogue celebrated Charlize Theron‘s charitable Africa Outreach Project last night, but Charlize seemed intent on celebrating her relationship with pal Jeremy Renner, too. Ever since Theron and her longtime-flame Stuart Townsend broke up in January, rumors have been flying about a Renner-Theron pairing after they were spotted hanging at the Oscars together. Renner denies any romance saying “We’re just friends. We’re crazy about each other,” but we see through that just like we saw through Jennifer Aniston and Gerard Butler‘s denials. These guys are riding the Doin’-It Train to Bone City. Choo choo!

Also in attendance at the event was a very riverboat-gambler-meets-hipster Ty Pennington, and a gorgeous, glowing Nicole Richie. Check out who else was there to celebrate Charlize in our gallery. [Photos: Getty Images]

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