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Bikinis, Boobs, + Much More: The 30 Hottest Twitpics And Instagrams Of May

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It’s after Memorial Day, which means that summer time is (unofficially) in full swing! If you need proof, just head to your social media feeds for a bounty of booty-filled bikini photos and other warm weather delights! Rihanna may have gotten banned from Instagram this month for getting a little TOO racy with topless magazine spreads, but she definitely wasn’t the only one who pushed the boundaries of sexiness on social media this May!

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Just How Alike Are Gimme Shelter Co-Stars Vanessa Hudgens And Rosario Dawson? We Quizzed Them To Find Out!

Vanessa Hudgens does her best to erase High School Musical from our collective memory with her new role as pregnant, homeless teen Apple Bailey in Gimme ShelterIt’s a mostly uplifting story, but the darkest scenes in the film belong to Rosario Dawson as Apple’s mom, and the moments the pair are onscreen together are intense and electric.

The two play mother and daughter, share a manager and have lead surprisingly parallel careers, so we wanted to test out each actress’ knowledge about the other. We quizzed the pair during a recent interview in Los Angeles. Just how well do they know the other? Watch and learn.

Gimme Shelter opens in theaters on January 24.



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Happy Birthday, Vanessa Hudgens! Watch Her Grow Up, And Strip Down, Before Your Eyes

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Vanessa Hudgens turns 25 years old today, and instead of having a quarter life crisis — or a public meltdown like other young Hollywood starlets these days — the High School Musical alumna is throwing herself into her work, somewhat responsibly. Not only has she continued departing from her Disney days by assuming adult roles in films like Spring Breakers and Gimme Shelter (January 2014), but she’s also becoming the face  — ahem, and body — of charitable organizations the world over.
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13 Unlucky Disney Star Scandals


Some of today’s biggest celebrities started out as the ultra-innocent stars of Disney TV shows and movies. Miley Cyrus, Shia LaBeouf, Lindsay Lohan and Mischa Barton are just a few of the squeaky-clean kids who dirtied up their images (sometimes intentionally) with alleged drug use, arrests and leaked nude photos. Check out the full list of 13 Unlucky Disney Star Scandals.

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Disney Star Dance-Off! Vanessa Hudgens Booty Pops On Leno And Miley Cyrus Twerks It

Vanessa Hudgens and Miley Cyrus make dance videos

Two of the all time hottest Disney stars unwittingly faced off in a dance battle last night, and we’re still trying to figure out who was the winner! Vanessa Hudgens appeared on The Tonight Show where she demonstrated her Spring Breakers-style booty pop dance for Jay Leno, and Miley Cyrus posted a video of her twerkin’ it hardcore to J Dash’s “Wop.”

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Selena Gomez, Vanessa Hudgens And Other Spring Breakers Are Heart Breakers At Premiere


The cast of Spring Breakers spent most of the shoot in bikinis, but the gals went for glam at their movie premiere in Paris on Monday. Selena Gomez, Vanessa Hudgens, Ashley Benson and Rachel Korine all shone on the red carpet, but all in very different styles!

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The Carrie Diaries‘ Austin Butler Should Prepare Himself For Stardom

After three episodes, The Carrie Diaries hasn’t been the huge ratings success we (and the CW) had hoped for a series of its Sex and the City pedigree, but we’re holding out hope that more people who like fashion and cute boys and New York City and all the things that are good in life will catch on soon. Regardless of how well the show does, we’re pretty sure its stars, particularly AnnaSophia Robb (Carrie) and Austin Butler (her mysterious love interest, Sebastian Kydd) are destined for big things.

Butler, 21, has been in the biz for ages now, first guest-starring on shows like Hannah Montana and Zoey 101 before landing a role in the High School Musical spin-off Sharpay’s Fabulous Adventure and a recurring part on Switched at Birth. But yeah, playing the new guy with the alluring whiff of bad boy on Carrie Diaries is definitely the biggest thing to happen to him. At the red-carpet premiere of the show last fall, we asked him how he thought his life would change if the show becomes a Gossip Girl-level hit.

“I just hope I can keep somewhat of a personal life,” he told us. “That’s the hardest part about this whole thing, is like, doing your job and then when you’re done, feeling like a normal person, in a way. I like to go out and go to the grocery store and all that kind of stuff, so I hope that doesn’t change.”

Of course, Butler’s been dating Vanessa Hudgens since 2011, so he knows the kind of annoying fame he’s talking about. In fact, as we were perusing photos of him, we even spotted one of him and Vanessa going grocery shopping. And here we are, perpetuating the industry that will hound him down as he buys his veggies and toilet paper. Sorry, Austin! We can’t help it, though, he’s too adorable to ignore! Browse through the pics below and see for yourself.

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Austin Butler and AnnaSophia Robb shoot a scene for The Carrie Diaries

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