Vince Neil Heading To Jail For Two Weeks

Mötley Crüe frontman Vince Neil had a rough 2010, what with his arrest for DUI and devastating loss on Skating With The Stars, and his 2011 isn’t getting any better. Neil is heading to jail for two weeks as a result of the DUI.

Had Neil not struck a plea deal, he could have ended up in the slammer for six months. Instead, he agreed to plead guilty to misdemeanor driving under the influence which means he’ll serve two weeks in jail and spend two weeks under house arrest as a result of driving his Lamborghini down the Las Vegas Strip while drunk. (If that’s not the most clichéd rock star thing to do ever, we don’t know what is.) Neil has a long, sad history of alcohol abuse and this isn’t his first time being sentenced to jail. In 1984 he spent 20 days locked up after a drunk driving incident killed the passenger in his car, fellow musician Nicholas Dingley.


Skating With The Stars Becomes Injuries With People You Barely Recognize


We laughed at the concept of Skating With The Stars when we first heard about it because it was like all the glitz and camp of Dancing With The Stars with less star power and more dangerously sharp blades. It seemed like a recipe for disaster and yet we’ve still never watched—but we’re thinking we should start now that it really is becoming an actual disaster for some of the contestants.

This week alone, three of the show’s participants have had health problems. Disney Channel star Brandon Mychal Smith was hospitalized yesterday after he had trouble breathing (it was later determined to either be a virus or food poisoning). He was unable to participate in last night’s broadcast. Brooke Castile, the skater paired with Olympian Jonny Mosely, had to go to the ER to get stitches after she sliced her finger open on the ice, and actress/person Rebecca Budig went to the hospital to receive treatment for a wrist injury as well. Both women were able to compete in the show, but seriously, this is a lot of disasters for a show with only six contestants. We really should tune in, that’s some good drama. Although, wait. Vince Neil was voted off last night. Never mind, we don’t want to watch an ice skating competition if an old rock star isn’t falling down while attempting a toe-loop.



Skating With The Stars Is Real And It’s Coming Soon

Dancing With The Stars is a true phenomenon, despite the sometimes low caliber of its “stars” and the fact that we totally don’t get it. But people love it, and that means it was only a matter of time before it got a spin-off. And that spin-off is called Skating With The Stars. Has the state of television really come to this? Yes, it has.

Skating will air on ABC starting on November 22 and have the same producers at DWTS, but only six contestants. Because apparently there are literally only six D-listers that can be trusted to be in a reality show where you put blades on your feet. So who are the lucky skaters? Hoo boy. Okay, you’ve got your sauce-loving rocker Vince Neil, your unstable actress Sean Young (who we shall nickname “Blade Runner” for the duration of this show),  reality-show veteran Bethenny Frankel, the Winter Olympics athlete who will obviously be the winner, Jonny Moseley, Disney Channel star (?) Brandon Michael Smith, and soap actress Rebecca Budig.

Choo-choo! Listen! That’s the sound of a train wreck waiting to happen ON ICE. We can’t wait.


Vince Neil Arrested For DUI


Mötley Crüe lead singer Vince Neil has been busted (again) for DUI. He was arrested this morning in Las Vegas and was held on $2000 bail at the Clark County Jail in Nevada.

While it may seem like a run of the mill crime for a celebrity to be involved in, Neil was actually jailed for vehicular manslaughter in 1984 when he killed fellow musician Nicholas “Razzle” Dingley while driving under the influence. He served a remarkably short 15 day stint in jail for that death. We’d also like to point out that Neil has his own tequila brand which, given his history with alcohol, makes Michael Lohan‘s interest in running a nightclub seem like a downright brilliant business venture. His most recent solo album, entitled Tattoos And Tequila (again with the booze? Come on, Vince.) was released last week.

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