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Christina Hendricks Is The New Face Of Vivienne Westwood’s Jewelry

We’re major fans of Christina Hendricks (photos) here. We thought her Esquire‘s Best-Looking Woman cover was well deserved and the photographs were gorgeous! Even her vintage Playboy shots were hot, albiet a little disturbing, and sadly sans those curves! Having said that, we were wondering when Christina would appear in some campaigns, because her London Fog advertisements felt like a teaser. And now, finally, here’s something that’s a perfect fit! Christina has become the face of Vivienne Westwood‘s jewelry collection “Get A Life”.

Of the two shots we’ve seen, we couldn’t be happier! Of the Palladium collection, Hendricks said, “… I admire that┬áVivienne uses her designs to inspire change and the pieces are just so wonderful. I love that there are dramatic pieces such as the crown and the heart necklace as well as more simple pieces such as the acorn earrings…” The crown does look pretty cool. Look after the jump for the second photograph with the heart necklace! You won’t be disappointed. Tell us what you think. [Photos via Just Jared] Read more…


Sex Pistols Manager Gets A True Punk Funeral

Malcolm McLaren

Malcolm McLaren was responsible for some of the notorious British music of the 20th century, most notably managing punk icons The Sex Pistols, so it’s no surprise his funeral would be a less than reverent affair. The impresario’s body was wheeled through central London to St. Mary Magdalene’s church in a horse-drawn glass carriage, with his coffin reading “TOO FAST TO LIVE, TOO YOUNG TO DIE” (the guy made it to 64, but whatevs). The processional also included a double decker bus reading “CASH FROM CHAOS” and the destination “NOWHERE.”

Among those attending the service were ex-partner Dame Vivian Westwood and pal Sir Bob Geldof (from “the Queen’s fascist regime” to royal subjects in just over thirty years, folks), along with Adam Ant, whose original band was stolen by McLaren to become Bow Wow Wow in the early ’80s. While none of the Pistols attended (the band sued McLaren for royalties in the ’80s), guitarist Steve Jones was kind enough to send a telegram: “Dear Malcolm, did you take the money with you? Is it in the coffin? Do you mind if I come back tomorrow and dig you up?” (Jones also wrote “I owe you a lot for showing me a different side to life.”) Pay your respects in the gallery below.

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Pammy Gets Boob Out On The Catwalk

Pamela Anderson, why do we love you so? Well, there’s so many reasons. First, you’re in your forties but still dressing like a slutty 17 year old. Then there’s the Pammy “look,” which you haven’t changed in decades (seriously, are those eyebrows tattooed on?). There’s also the fact you talk a load of rubbish and declare yourself to be “art.” And there’s most importantly, the fact you’ll walk down the catwalk with your boob hanging out.

Yes, Pammy — who is British designer Vivienne Westwood‘s new muse — took to the catwalk in Paris to showcase her latest ready-to-wear collection. And — whoops! — it seemed one of Vivienne’s creations couldn’t contain the legendary Baywatch boobage. We’re not sure that’s the look Vivenne was aiming for, but hey, this is the woman who went to Buckingham palace without any underwear on, so we’re sure she doesn’t mind.


Kanye West Not As Famous As He Thinks

He’s been hitting up all the shows at London Fashion Week, but — ha! — some people still don’t know who Kanye West is. Just a week after crowing that winning the Brit award for Best International Male meant that, “in every nation I am the Best Male,” we’re sure he’s now being caused great moral pain by the fact one of the legendary stars of British fashion hasn’t a clue who he is. Attending the Vivienne Westwood show at the weekend, Kanye found the international celebrity club doesn’t always include him.

“Kanye went straight over to Vivienne and began telling her he was a huge fan and he had enjoyed her show. But Vivienne had to ask a friend who he was, telling them: ‘I think he’s famous in America,'” reports the London Paper.

Ahhh. Of course this will have no long-term effect on the biggest ego in music, but it tickled us.