Twilight Craze Hits Parks & Recreation

Parks and Recreation boarded the Twilight train last night as Kelly, a passionate citizen played by Will Forte, compared Pawnee to Forks and Tom (Aziz Ansari) pronounced himself Team Edward.

In the hilarious episode, Leslie Knope (Amy Poehler) is compiling a Pawnee time capsule, in which Forte insists that the Twilight books be included. When a heartbroken Tom is brought to the Twi-side (because author Stephanie Meyers was “peering into his soul”), he, Donna and Kelly form a book club and have debates only Twilight fans could truly appreciate. In a moment that struck a chord with RPattz fans everywhere, Donna (Retta) lusts for a minute with Robert Pattinson and even refers to Kristen Stewart as “Skinny Legs McGee.” It was truly an episode custom written for Twi-Hards.

Leslie refused to give into vampire mania, but speaking from personal experience, we’re confident all the chatter about Bella’s love triangle and the Volturi will force the self-proclaimed Harry Potter girl to give into the addictive series. Watch one of our favorite scenes after the jump, where Tom drops the F-bomb upon realizing there’s not only a sequel, but four books in the series.

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