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Jaden Smith, Multi-Millionaire, And Only 12 Years Old

Baller genes must run in the family. Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith‘s daughter Willow Smith, as we know, is one of the fiercest pre-teens ever. But how about their son, Jaden Smith, who is a millionaire at just 12 years of age Yeah…how about that. He hit mega paydirt on Karate Kid and TMZ has his contract—which includes his salary—from the film. Get a load of this: Jaden was paid in two installments of  $900,000 and $100,000 respectively. Bananas, right?

But it gets even better. Considering the film made over $150 million at the domestic B.O alone, Jaden raked in a $2 million bonus! There have got to have been perks over and above that, even though making $3 million at 12 is just crazy. We say this being more than twice his age and all we have in our pockets right now is a stick of gum. The Smiths are going to rule the planet one day, mark our words.

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Will Smith Has Own Writer For Men In Black III, Other Writers Didn’t Know

If the name of screenwriter Mike Soccio doesn’t ring a bell, don’t worry; even his co-workers aren’t clear on who he is. Apparently after Will Smith rejected the MiB III script this fall, Soccio was put to work punching up his part. While other comic actors often have individual writers work other lines, what makes Will Smith’s screenwriter a mystery is how the film’s other writers allegedly had no idea he was working alongside them. “I’ve never heard of it being kept sort of quiet,” one agent commented on the situation. So basically it’s as if your boss hired an assistant, but set up his workstation in the supply closet and never told anyone else he was there. The guy might be doing good work, but things are going to get awkward if you run into each other at the water cooler.

Smith’s friend since his French Prince days, Soccio reportedly worked on other projects such as MiB II, but hasn’t been credited for some of them; he attempted to receive a credit for the remake of The Karate Kid starring Jaden Smith, but was denied. Sony has since apologized for, you know, no one knowing who the new guy was for months after he was hired.  In a statement, the studio explains that Soccio “was hired for minor on-set punch-up work during our initial production period while [screenplay writer] Etan [Cohen] was not on location. If any writer was unaware of his involvement, we regret that.” We imagine it would be weird if we come back to work only find someone else working on our Excel spreadsheets too. Though if we were making as much money as these guys, we’d probably just go sit in the break-room until he was finished.

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