2014’s Most Masterful Moments of Celebrity PR

Zac Efron Masterful Celebrity PR of 2014

-Courtney Enlow

There are hard jobs out there. World leaders, brain surgeons, people who clean fast food restaurant bathrooms — plenty of jobs that involve the kind of work and pressure we wouldn’t wish on anyone. But one fairly thankless, plenty soul-sucking job, one that affects all of us denizens of celebrity gossip on a near-daily basis, is the public relations flack responsible for the image of a celebrity. And this year, they had their work cut out for them. Read more…


Does Zac Efron Have A New Girlfriend?

Zac Efron recently partied in Europe for his 27th birthday. He brought along his rumored girlfriend, Sami Miró, making fans think the hunky star has finally found love. The Gossip Table’s panelists have the details.

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How To Know If You’re Watching a Nicholas Sparks Film

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Opening this weekend is yet another adaptation of one of Nicholas Sparks’ romantic novels, The Best of Me, starring James Marsden and Michelle Monaghan. This makes the ninth Sparks novel to find its way to the big screen with another one (The Longest Ride) coming in April. Since 1999, when his first adaptation appeared in theaters, there have been countless Sparks-like stories to flood theaters. Films, such as The Vow and Remember Me, play on many of the author’s most popular tropes that its hard to know whether or not you’re watching an authentic “Nicholas Sparks Film” (NSF).

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