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The Most Upsetting Outfits at the 2015 Golden Globes

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Oh, awards season. Glitz, glamour, and terrible clothing. At tonight’s Golden Globe Awards stars Keira KnightleyRuth Wilson, and Claire Danes proved that the 2015 People’s Choice Awards was no fluke.

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Girls Stars Give You Dating Advice You Didn’t Know You Wanted

By Heather Ricks

Dating is complicated, and no one knows that better than the cast of HBO’s Girls. While their characters navigate the sometimes cruel world of love as a Millennial, the actors themselves seem to have an easier go at it. Creator and star Lena Dunham has found love with Fun.’s Jack Antonoff, after meeting him on a blind date, of all things! At the Girls Season 3 premiere in New York City this week, VH1 News asked the stars of the show to channel their inner Dear Abby by answering some difficult relationship/dating questions. Namely, what should you do if you discovered your boyfriend likes to wear your underwear?
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Emmys Worst Dressed: Zosia Mamet Is Censoring Her Nipples

emmys worst dressed

It’s Emmy night! Which means that television’s best and brightest get to shine like stars. Unfortunately, some of those stars showed up looking like they didn’t know they’d be on television. Except for Zosia Mamet, of course, who gamely decided to add a censor box over her nipples for the network television audiences. 

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Diddy, Blake Lively, Olivia Wilde And More Turn Up For 121212 Benefit Concert

Celebrities At 12.12.12 Hurricane Sandy Benefit Concert

We’ve already seen Kristen Stewart doing her thing and speaking on stage to support 121212, a concert benefiting the Robin Hood Relief Fund to help the victims of Hurricane Sandy, held at Madison Square Garden in New York City yesterday. But she wasn’t the only celebrity who turned up to lend their voices. Like Blake Lively, who looked lovely in an orange Isabel Marant dress with caged Christian Louboutin ankle booties and Lorraine Schwartz jewelry. Diddy was there too, as was Olivia Wilde, who wore skinny jeans and an awesome pair of red studded pumps. We’re guessing those are Louboutins too.

Celebrities At 12.12.12 Hurricane Sandy Benefit Concert

Katie Holmes showed up in head-to-toe Tom Ford in a pretty interesting cut-velvet, electric violet dress. Susan Sarandon was age-defying as usual, in all black, with a snazzy fitted zippered jacket. Martha Stewart even wore leather pants! Zosia Mamet puzzles us. She’s one of our favorite characters on Girls and seems hysterically funny but is always so taciturn in photographs. Like, this is a great cause … lighten up and smile a little! It’s okay that your pants don’t fit and your shirt’s making us drowsy. Chelsea Clinton was on the other side of the spectrum, looking polished and with a smile that didn’t leave her face, just like Gina Gershon, only the latter stuck to her usual rock chic and bedhead. She does work it, though! Read more…

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Emmys Worst-Dressed? Claire Danes, Zosia Mamet, Emily VanCamp And Others Troubling Us

Claire Danes, Emily VanCamp, Zosia Mament
First of all, no one on the red carpet of the Emmy Awards was particularly awful, well with the exception of Phoebe Price, who really goes for awful every time. But there was a handful of ladies — ladies whom we love and admire — who made us scratch our heads and want to send angry letters to their stylists. Mostly, there was a disturbing trend in being terrible to boobs. The gowns on Emily VanCamp, Claire Danes, Morena Baccarin and Zosia Mamet were rather unkind in the bust area, and after spending a little too much time admiring Kat Dennings‘ girls tonight, that just made us sad. Anna Chlumsky and Hayden Panettiere disappointed us by wearing gowns that would look amazing on someone 20 years their senior. Leslie Mann, meanwhile, made a terrible choice of color, and we wanted to rip the sleeves off of Julianne Moore’s gown and the ruffles off Elisabeth Moss‘.

Again, none of these were offensively bad. And maybe you disagree? Let us know in the comments and on Twitter!

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