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Classic Nickelodeon Skits That Remind Us Why We Love Amanda Bynes


Amanda Bynes Nickelodeon Skits

Amanda Bynestough times reached a frightening climax last week. The gifted comedic actress and former fashion student was admitted to the Pasadena hospital on October 10 and placed in a 5150 psychiatric hold for 72 hours. Bynes was also put in a 5150 hold in 2013 after a string of similar erratic events. We hope she gets the help she needs. Frankly, the comedy world needs her again, as evidenced by her legendary Nickelodeon skits from All That and The Amanda Show.

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The Complete Guide to Amanda Bynes

Amanda Bynes Complete Timeline

Amanda Bynes has dealt with more than her fair share of drama in the past year. From DUIs and vehicular mayhem, to puzzling tweets and dramatic style makeovers, our favorite (retired) Nickelodeon starlet has been in the limelight maybe a little more than she’d like these days! Her recent behavior has confused some of her fans, leading many to grow concerned for her well-being. As long-time Nick viewers, we never saw this coming! From All That to all this, here’s a look back at the highs (and lows) of Amanda’s long career in reverse chronological order.

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