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Did You Catch All The Game Of Thrones Booty On Best Week Ever?


Maybe last week we were all having the Best Week Ever because there was a lot of sex on Game of Thrones. There were also a lot of butts. So many butts!  And we’ve got so many hilarious people talking about all the butts and all the sex on last week’s episode of Best Week Ever! Did you miss it? Need to watch it again? It’s okay. We’ve got the full episode online just for you. Yes, you. No, not you. You.

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What Was The Most Annoying Moment of 2012? Ask The New Cast of Best Week Ever

Excited for Best Week Ever to make it’s triumphant return to your TV this coming January? Entertainment Weekly is, and so are we. 2013 is shaping up to be a great year, and it’s not only because the world decided not to end in 2012. Brand new cast members (get used to their faces, because you’ll be seeing a lot of them on this very blog) Pat DixonPete Lee and Amanda Seales told Entertainment Weekly about their sexiest TV and movie moments and the most annoying things of 2012.

Check out the videos over at Entertainment Weekly and don’t forget to tune into the premiere of Best Week Ever on Friday, January 18th at 10/9c!