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Brandy Gets In The Holiday Spirit With Some Fresh Ink

Brandy's New Ganesh Tattoo

While most of the country was still busy digesting their Christmas meals, Brandy And Ray-J: A Family Business star Brandy decided to hit the tattoo parlor to get some fresh ink. The sensational R&B star decided to swing by celebrity tattoo artist Peter Koskela’s shop in Southern California on Monday night to get a tattoo of Ganesh that Brandy described on Twitter as the “Egyptian god! Remover of all obstacles:)”. Her tweeps quickly pointed out that Ganesh is, in fact, a Hindu deity and not an Egyptian god, so we hope that she wasn’t counting on curring any favor in the afterlife with the likes of Osiris by getting the body art. Either way, looks hot!

[Photo Credits: YFrog]

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