by (@katespencer)

Oh Olivia – Gurl, We Gotta Talk About This Dress

Olivia Wilde‘s got that ‘thing': her parents genes game together and created a superhuman with out of this world good looks and no matter what she may do to uglify herself, she can never battle her beauty and win. She is just TOO PRETTY. But girl is trying! She showed up to the Do Something Awards in this Chloe number, which really should be hanging in the Museum of Dresses No One Should Ever Wear, Even Stunning People in the Argh, Why Do We Keep Trying To Bring The 70s Back? exhibit.

And still, even in this outfit, which will surely make Worst Dressed Lists in our supermarkets’ finest tabloids, she manages to look beautiful. You can’t beat Olivia’s pretty, ugly dress! But we appreciate the effort.

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[Photo: GettyImages]