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What Happened To the Hot Guys from Your Favorite Movies?

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There is nothing more upsetting than when a super sexy actor slides under the radar. You know who I’m talking about, and this educational journey we’re about to embark on is long overdue. Read more…

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Cory Monteith Was A “Beautiful Human Being,” Says Glee Co-Star Charlotte Ross

Following the death of 31-year-old Glee star Cory Monteith, more friends and colleagues are sharing memories of the late actor. Hit The Floor‘s own Charlotte Ross has had a recurring role on Glee since its 2009 premiere, playing the role of Judy Fabray. As mother to Dianna Agron‘s Quinn, Ross shared scenes with Monteith over the course of the series, including his memorable serenade of Paul Anka’s “You’re Having My Baby” in Season One. “Everyone in the cast is warm and supportive but, Cory stood out to me as one of the sweetest,” Ross tells VH1. (Watch Cory recall his audition for the show in the 2009 video above.)

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Yeah, I Love Dem Strippers: The Complete Guide To Strippers in Movies and TV


Sex sells, so naturally, at one point or another, some of our favorite actresses and actors have taken roles that involve showing a little skin. In the gallery below, feast your eyes on 50 racy stripteases from television and film that have helped warm our hearts loins over the years.

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