Stalker Tells VH1’s Chance To Come Out

Above is your first taste of the Real Chance of Love Reunion, though the footage above won’t be included in the broadcast when the show hits the airwaves Monday at 9/8c. This online exclusive features scorned contestant Stalker handing Chance his ass … on a clock. She presents him with a timepiece that reads, “Time To Come Out” on it and repeatedly accuses him of being a “homothug.” Though Stalker’s histrionics border on homophobia, seeing Chance being faced with an oft-whispered rumor and watching him squirm is fascinating. Let’s hope the reunion holds many uncomfortable moments like this.


The Ladies We’re Thankful Exist

This Thanksgiving, instead of giving thanks for tired old things like a loving family (did that last year), good health (but you do have that nagging cold) and caring friends (who really just use up your phone minutes), why don’t you give thanks for the things that truly bring you joy, day in and day out: ladies. Whether they’re simply running around on a ridiculous tropical vacation or getting into some crazy hijinks, these ladies serve to brighten our otherwise dull days with vicious catfights and tons of skin.

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