Charm Schoolers Get Their Claws Out

We’re getting to this a bit late, but a follow-up to the Rock of Love Charm School Reunion catfight story is in order. In case you don’t watch VH1, the background to this saga is simple: Sharon Osbourne and Megan “Bikini” Hauserman trade insults, Megan gets under Sharon’s skin, Sharon throws a drink in Megan’s face, and then the set devolves into a Jerry Springer-esque nightmare. Watch the drama above and get a behind-the-scenes look at the reunion at the VH1 Blog.


Police Called After Charm School Catfight

Charm School: Rock Of Love contestant Megan Hauserman went to the hospital after an altercation with host Sharon Osbourne — and the police were called. The fiasco allegedly began when Megan responded to a criticism from Sharon by claiming she’s only famous for managing Ozzy. Check out the gallery for photos of Megan.

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The Spit Hits The Fan On Charm School!

Above is an extended take from the upcoming episode of Rock of Love Charm School, premiering this Sunday at 9/8c on VH1. It is the most chaotic, most intense and quite possibly the flat-out best episode in the history of Rock of Love. Not since Heather called Lacey a “d***sucker whorebag” have we been so moved by these girls. And while this spitting incident is undoubtedly a benchmark moment that will become synonymous with this franchise, it’s only a taste of the rest of the episode’s insanity. It all comes to a head right here, people.

See an extended preview of the episode at VH1 and keep up with Charm School at the VH1 Blog.