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The Ultimate Teen Wolf Test: Who Is The Hottest Guy Of Them All?


Teen Wolf returns to MTV tonight at 10/9 C for its third season of thrills, chills and men boldly refusing to wear shirts. We salute these fine, brave men who transform themselves from Hollywood actors to brooding characters (often without shirts). However, we have to ask, are we more attracted to the actors on Teen Wolf or the characters that they play on Teen Wolf?

To put it bluntly: Who’s hotter? The actor or the character?

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Tyler Posey Gently Stokes The Flames Of A Werewolf Rivalry With Taylor Lautner


Yesterday’s first annual Critics’ Choice Television Awards was quite the star-studded event, one where objects-of-desire like Jon Hamm and Christina Hendricks both took home prizes. While all the celebs congregated in one room for the luncheon and awards ceremony, the real action took place backstage, where our own Kate Spencer was holding court with virtually all of the winners. She even got a few minutes to chat with Teen Wolf star Tyler Posey and, being the Twi-hard that she is, she asked him if there was a rivalry beginning to brew between himself and fellow lycanthrope Taylor Lautner. “Do I feel a competition?,” he said with a mischievous glint in his eye. “Not really, no, because I know I would win.” Oh SNAP! Ball’s in your court now, Taylor.