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Exclusive: Miley Cyrus Appreciates Her Older Fans Too


Miley Cyrus tweeted that her time at VH1 Divas last night was the “BEST MOMENT OF MY ENTIRE LIFE!” Pretty strong words but, you know, she’s got all those teenage emotions raging inside of her and sometimes they just gotta come out. We chatted with the starlet on the red carpet just before she went onstage to perform our fave song of the summer, “Party In The U.S.A.,” and asked her how she feels about her, uh, older fans. You know, us 30-year-old ladies who skip past Grizzly Bear on our iPods to rock out to our favorite tween star.

“I like it,” she told TheFABlife. “I don’t think there should be a certain age or a certain demographic of music. I think the biggest people that stand on this carpet are the ones that kids who are 6 and people that are 60 can listen to their music.”

When we mentioned that all our adult pals are super into her tunes, Miley laughed. “Sweet!” she replied. “That’s awesome, ‘cuz I probably wouldn’t be standing here if they weren’t.” [Photo: GettyImages]


Paula Abdul Declares Liza Minelli The Next American Idol

As we watched the VH1 Divas show broadcast from the Brooklyn Academy of Music and caught a whiff of the fact that Ms. Liza Minelli was in the audience, we almost peed our pants with excitement. While some of us from VH1 were live-blogging from the show, others  were watching from our homes in Brooklyn, a mere mile from Liza, one of our heroes — she was so close! Oh, and what’s that? Liza is actually going to appear onstage? With Paula Abdul? And accept Paula’s shoes as an award?! Yes, please. This delightful bit of crazytown had us on the edge of our seat — both Paula and Liza (“with a Z”) are seasoned performers but both have a dash of “the meds make me forget things” that made us worry they were veering off script. They saved it though in the end and we found Liza thrilling as always…even if she didn’t sing for us.


VH1 Divas Backstage: Jennifer Hudson Talks About Being A Diva And Mom

Jennifer Hudson has proven her Diva status a hundred times over, with her Oscar winning performance in Dreamgirls and  her powerhouse voice, but still, humble Jennifer can’t believe, “I’m here and one of the Divas.”

With a five-week-old baby, Jennifer says her world has changed and she now “…sees everything through brand new eyes.” WE certainly can’t wait to SEE her performance tonight!

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VH1 Divas Backstage: Jordin Sparks Is Super Fierce Onstage

Confession: We just recently hopped on the Jordin Sparks bandwagon after we heard “Battlefield” earlier this summer and then danced around Brooklyn for a month with it blasting on our iPod. Her latest single “S.O.S” is catchy and addictive (it samples that early ’80s classic “Let the Music Play” by Shannon), in that ‘I wanna get down to this all night on repeat’ sorta way. We’re hooked. Anyone wanna have a dance-off?

We just caught  the Idol winner’s rehearsal here at BAM and she rocked it. The girl’s got pipes, and she knows how to use ‘em. Not to mention, she’s completely adorable. We told you we were on the J-Sparks bandwagon! Check out a sneak peak of Jordin rehearsing this morning, workin’ it way before noon. No Diva hours for her! She’s a total professional.

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VH1 Divas Backstage: Miley Is All Smiles In Rehearsals

Let’s just get real here people: Miley Cyrus has the summer jam of 2009 in her pocket, and the 16-year-old starlet may or may not be belting it out in a few short hours here at VH1 Divas. Lucky for you we’ve got a clip of her rehearsal that just went down, and we suspect it holds the answer. Give it a watch and get ready to swoon!

We were lucky enough to witness Miley doin’ her thing onstage, and she was all energy and smiles. Kinda crazy, seeing as she just did a show in Tacoma, Washington last night (her tour just started on Monday), but the girl’s clearly got it under control. She sounded stellar, and kicked back on stage in a black romper, black boots and a button down. For more Miley, tune in to VH1 Divas tonight at 9PM EST and participate in our Divas Live Blog Party right now!

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VH1 Divas Backstage: Adele Says “Being A Diva Is About Being Nice”

One of the highlights of our day was getting to hang with Adele. We chatted with the Brit about her super-fast rise to stardom and checked out pics of her new puppy on her Blackberry (he was left at home as he’s still too young to travel). The singer is relatively new to fame; she hit it big – nay, HUGE – with her album 19, won a ton of critical acclaim, and snagged a couple of Grammys along the way. No big deal, right?

Adele’s only 21, but she assured us that’s she’s been doin’ the diva thing long before she became a household name. “I was doin’ it way before I won a Grammy,” she tells us, explaining, “If it has to do with my career and I want something and it’s not happening, I get annoyed.”

But being a diva isn’t about being crazy demanding, says the singer. “I think being a diva is also about being nice and knowing how to work with people, and how to treat your fans. That’s very important.”

We can attest that the girl’s got the nice thing down, as she was super cool to us. Watch our entire interview with Adele above and check out pics of her pup on her Myspace page. Be sure to tune in to VH1 Divas tomorrow at 9PM EST and check back here to participate in our Divas Live Blog Party.

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VH1 Divas Backstage: Kelly Clarkson Kills It In Rehearsal

We were lucky enough to watch Kelly Clarkson rehearse for “VH1 Divas” today at BAM, and we were totally floored by what we saw. Literally. We fell on the floor. The down-to-earth diva belted out a song off her new album (peep the clip to figure out the tune) and sounded absolutely amazing. If her rehearsal is any indication, she’s gonna be on fire tomorrow night. And we’ll end up back on the floor.

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VH1 Divas Backstage: Paula Works It Onstage

We caught Paula Abdul rehearsing her opening number for VH1 Divas, let us be the first to say it: she’s still got it. With all the buzz surrounding Abdul it’s easy to forget that her roots are in dance, but watch one second of her onstage and it all comes rushing back. Her moves are sick, and she breezed through the routine effortlessly while looking chic in all black. Get ready to get down to all your favorite Paula songs tomorrow night; you can even dance along with her in your living room, if you can keep up, natch. Two steps forward, two steps back – you know the drill, right?

Watch Divas tomorrow on VH1 at 9PM EST and check back here for our Divas Live Blog Party.


Mariah Rules Our Divas Vault Countdown


Last week, we asked you to dig in our Divas Vault and tell us what your favorite classic Divas performances are. Well, you told us all right and it mostly sounded like this: “Mariah! Mariah! Mariah!” We knew she had some loyal fans, but damn — we had no idea that our little countdown would turn into a bloodbath. Mariah’s peers officially have been diva-stated.

Below, are the Top 10 classic Divas performances by readers’ votes. Not to spoil it or anything, but take a wild guess on which diva is occupying not just the top, not just the Top 2, but the Top 3 slots…

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VH1 Divas Backstage: Kelly Clarkson Talks Divas, Fame And Kanye Outburst

Kate here from VH1’s The FABlife, reporting backstage from the Divas rehearsals. Kelly Clarkson just finished up her rehearsal here at the Brooklyn Academy of Music (BAM) and — no lie — we had chills through the whole thing. Girl can sing. The Idol winner is also beyond friendly (like beyond, beyond, guys. I was swooning.), and chatted with us about her now infamous blog post regarding Kanye West‘s VMAs tantrum. We can’t reveal which of her songs she’s singing tomorrow night, but here’s a hint: it’s off her latest album. Check out the clip above for our exclusive scoop, and hit us up later today for a sneak peak of Kelly belting it out in rehearsal.

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