Madonna Fights For Custody Of Gwyneth

Since Madge and Guy split, we in Britain have come to terms with the fact we’re going to lose La Ciccone back to the US. (But that’s OK, that Vogue photoshoot where Madonna pretended to feed the ducks on her country estate gave us nightmares for a while). But now, we’re pissed off, as it seems Madonna wants to steal back our other A-listers, namely, Gwyneth Paltrow.

“Gwyn was a rock to Madonna while she was considering whether to leave Guy – she had strong views on the situation. They were in constant contact during the difficult period and Madonna really valued Gwyneth’s advice. Madge is desperately sad to be leaving one of her best friends behind and has been urging her to join her in the Big Apple,”she told The Sun.

Hang on a minute, hang on. We’re not sure how happy we are about this. Granted, we get annoyed with the best of them when Gwyneth tells us how to run our life, but we’ve got just as much right to our celebrities as you do, Madonna. And if all the proper ones leave, we’ll only be left with Katie Price and X-Factor contestants. And that won’t be a happy city. [Photo: Splash News Online]