Bay City Rollers : Behind The Music #88

Season 1 Ep 888/21/1999

A look at one of the '70s biggest teen idol bands. Originally from Edinburgh Scotland, the five band members made teen fashion statements with plaid, tartan tunics, platform shoes and cheesy grins. On the surface they had it all: fame, fortune, girls, cars, champagne and luxury. However, behind the music there were stage fights, court cases, prison time, money disputes, drug overdoses and accusations from critics who claimed the Bay City Rollers did not perform their own instruments. In 1974 when "Rollermania" was at its peak, the group reached #1 on the US charts with their hit, "Saturday Night". However, their success was short-lived. Fans outgrew the teeny-bopper Roller image and tension in the band grew out of control. They broke up and pursued solo careers. In 1982, five years after their breakup, the band reformed only to be dealt a hard blow when their manager, Tam Paton was sentenced to 3 years in prison after he was convicted of gross indecency with teenage boys. The Bay City Rollers re-united once more in 1997 with a new manager, and are currently working on a new album, hoping to make up for lost time and lost money.