Everclear: Behind the Music #137

Season 1 Ep 13712/10/2000

Formed in 1992, Everclear was the last attempt by lead singer, Art Alexakis, to carve out a career in rock and roll. At age 30, the chance for success was slim, but the odds had always been stacked against him. After Art's parents split up, his father took off and refused to pay child support, forcing the poverty stricken family to move into the projects. Art's older brother died of a heroin overdose when Art was just 12 years old; then, Art battled his own drug addiction for the better part of a decade, nearly dying of an overdose when he was 22. Once clean, Art got serious about music, and eventually moved to Portland with his family before founding Everclear. Since then, Everclear has built a loyal fan base through years of grass roots touring and national promotion resulting in two platinum-selling albums and continued success. While the trio nearly broke up onstage during a show in Australia in 1998, Everclear quickly regrouped and are stronger than ever today.