Huey Lewis & The News: Behind the Music #144

Season 1 Ep 1442/4/2001

Tells the story of six boyhood friends who lived the American male fantasy--to grow up and become rock & roll stars. While playing harmonica for his supper in Casabanca, Huey Lewis realized that his greatest dream would be to make a living playing the music he loved. For 11 years he played in a Bay area band called "Clover", only to see it eventually fail and break up. Shortly after, he formed Huey Lewis and the News, a group that took control of its own destiny by staying away from Los Angeles music scene and producing their own records. Their big break was with their album "Sports," one of the most successful records ever, which led Huey Lewis & The News to became one of the very first MTV music video stars. After twenty years, the band remains intact and continues to thrill audiences with their unique blend of R&B style rock.