Season 2 Ep 38/20/2006

Twelve girls are left and jealousy is running rampant. Flav divides the girls into groups of six and presents them with two challenges. In the first challenge, he wants six of the girls to go to his favorite restaurant. Much to the girls' surprise, Flav expects them to work the joint because he wants a girl who can hold down a job. Best hash slinger gets a date with Flav.The second challenge, Flav takes the other six girls to his friend's house. But instead of having a party, the girls are expected to clean up after one. That's right, Flav's friend had a hoopty bash the night before and these girls are expected to make the place spotless before Flav's famous music producer friend shows up. The girl with the most elbow grease gets private time with her man.Will the girls who win the private dates save themselves from the next elimination? Tension in the crib is thick as girls start to break down and fall out of the competition.