Tour Bus Challenge

Season 1 Ep 68/19/2007

The seven remaining girls in the house get an early morning wake up call from Big John. The next test at hand is The Tour Bus Challenge. The ladies compete in various challenges all relating to the life of a musician on the road, and the winner gets a solo date with Bret. That night, the girls help Bret celebrate his birthday and a wild party ensues. One of the shyest girls surprises everybody at the party and finally comes out of her shell. But two of the Bad Girls conspire to put a damper on her fun and find a way to get the shy one to retreat back to her room. The next day Bret gives the girls another assignment, the girls must write down why each girl in the house is not good for Bret. The girls are forced to be brutally honest face to face with one another. This uncomfortable and awkward activity, causes the Good Girls to gang up on the meanest one of the Bad Girls, as they write down information about her that they hope will convince Bret to send her packing. Will the message hit home?