Freestyle: The Story of Underground Hip Hop

Ep 10910/7/2004

Within the genre of hip-hop lies an underground art practiced by folks who read the dictionary, love poetry and rhyme at light speed. It is known as freestyle, the art of the improvisational rap, where all lyrics are extemporaneous, or "off the dome" in freestyle parlance. More than 10 years in the making, this film chronicles freestyle from the cafes and individuals where it spawned. It illustrates freestyle culture, from the cipher circles that freestylers use to hone their skills, to the famed battles, where the mix of rap and poetry are on full display. This film will introduce some of the worlds most renowned freestylers Supernatural, Craig-G, and Juice. Their mutual respect is tested during their legendary battles that freestylers still talk about today. This valuable documentary into a vibrant subculture will forge a new respect for hip-hop practiced for love, not money.