Extra Baggage

Season 3 Ep 22/2/2015

O'S**t‘s attorney, Paul Lieber, pulls some strings in the courtroom in attempt to get O'S**t out of his legal mess. Dutchess meets Quani out for dinner and when she hears that Quani is still on the outs with Puma, she invites Quani on her upcoming trip to Paris. When Sassy stops by to say hi things take a turn for the worst when Sassy invites herself along on the trip. Ceaser and the crew celebrate the new shop renovations over a glass of Henny. It is a new day at Black Ink, especially for Sky, who picks her man, Bobbe, up from jail. O'S**t meets up with Baby Mama #1, Kathy, and leaves her reeling with some heartbreaking news.