Hall & Oates: Behind the Music #171

Season 1 Ep 1711/27/2002

Hall & Oates are the best selling Pop Duo of all time. In the 80's they ruled the MTV airwaves,and dominated the record sales charts with 6 #1 singles, and 16 top ten hits. Critics dismissed them as nothing more than a hitmaking machine...but their music was deeply rooted in the R&B based Philadelphia sound, and they were the epitome of what became known as Blue Eyed Soul. After landing hits in the 70's with Sara Smile, She's Gone and Rich Girl, Hall & Oates peaked in the 80's with the chart toppers: Kiss On My List, One on One, and Say it Isn't So. But, by 1986, Daryl and John felt they were drowning from the pressures of fame. So, at the very pinnacle of their career, the duo called it quits, leaving fans wondering where they went. Once off of the public radar, the duo discovered their finances were in a terrible mess and dwindling. They also suffered the excruciating loss of a cherished writing partner and friend to cancer. It was time to re-evaluate their careers and their lives.