Young, Rich and Out of Control

Ep 1301/11/2007

They live life completely carefree. They get whatever they want in the blink of an eye. They're fixtures in super-hot clubs--even though they're not even legal. They're young, rich and out of control.VH1 NEWS PRESENTS: YOUNG, RICH & OUT OF CONTROL will explore a hot celebrity trend: the powerful combination of Hollywood celebrity and America's upper crust . The Lindsays, Parises and Brandons of the world have been making headlines non-stop--and the stories aren't exactly positive.While the wealthy have traditionally strived for privacy, this breed of rich celebs is everywhere--and their antics are far from classy. It's a constant parade of club brawls, drunk driving arrests, and vicious drunken rants. And it's all being caught on tape--the paparazzi are documenting every move these young celebrities make and websites like TMZ are thriving on the controversy.What's behind the trend? Two words: Paris Hilton. Paris went from plain old heiress to global phenomenon, paving the way for a new brand of socialite. And there are plenty of others vying to be the next Paris.The impact of these celebrities' behavior on the masses is growing. The teens of MTV's "My Super Sweet Sixteen" idolize Paris Hilton and are portrayed as the most spoiled, rude, and entitled rich girls anywhere. Whether it's Brody Jenner of "The Princes of Malibu" or the girls of "Laguna Beach"- rich people, once content just to be wealthy, are now vying for C-level celebrity.All forms of media are thriving from this crew's antics. From TMZ's renegade coverage to Perez Hilton's gossip tome to the paparazzi's constant coverage, Young Hollywood's wild antics mean blanket publicity and a booming business.VH1 NEWS PRESENTS: YOUNG & FILTHY RICH will chronicle the behavior of these out-of-control young stars--and the recent backlash against them, as the paparazzi keep them under constant scrutiny. From Lindsay's movie studio smackdown to Paris' Vanity Fair party ban to public outrage at Brandon's drunken tirade, prepare to enter the rollercoaster world of a new celebrity species: the celebutante.