Celebrity Prenups

Ep 1273/27/2006

Nothing says "I love you" like a prenup. For Hollywood actors and pop stars, pre-nuptial agreements are as important a part of getting married as the icing on the wedding cake. Hollywood marriages are known for being short-lived, which is why an increasing number of celebrities have turned to prenuptial agreements for protection.After big names like Harrison Ford and Steven Spielberg ended up paying out big bucks to their ex-wives, attorneys all over Hollywood made sure their clients spelled out exactly what they wanted before saying I do. It's not just all money; Pre-nups can dictate everything from how much football some one can watch, control drinking habits and nights out, and even how much weight a wife can gain while pregnant.VH1 News: Celebrity Pre-Nups is a half hour show that looks at the world of high profile prenuptial agreements and post-nuptial disagreements. Through interviews with lawyers, journalists, and marriage councilors we'll discuss when to bring up the subject of a pre-nup and how to make them binding. Who has them (Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta-Jones) and who doesn't (Jessica Simpson and Nick Lachey)? Who has what clause and who wishes they had one?As The Donald says Pre-Nups. Don't get married without one.