Melissa Etheridge: Behind the Music #86

Season 1 Ep 868/1/1999

This Behind the Music tracks Melissa EtheridgeÍs journey from a young Kansas girl to an international rock star. Early on, Melissa discovered her musical talents, as well as her attraction to other girls. Determined and uncompromising, Melissa established herself as one of the worldÍs leading female rock stars. Show highlights include MelissaÍs early years as a young singer and songwriter, her college life in Boston, her early club gigs that ultimately led to her contract with Island Records, her relationship with longtime partner Julie Cypher, going public about her sexuality, and finally becoming the parent of two children. Interviews include MelissaÍs long-time manager, Bill Leopold; Island Records founder, Chris Blackwell; Ellen Degeneres and Anne Heche; Julie Cypher, plus others.