Sting: Behind the Music #91

Season 1 Ep 9110/3/1999

In 1978, a fledging trio called The Police "couldn't get arrested in England," as their booking agent put it. So the band flew to the U.S. for a cheapo club tour that began at Ameripunk's ground zero, CBGB. They had spikey hair, a boyishly handsome singer who called himself Sting, and a repertoire of tunes that provocatively mixed rock, reggae and ska. They also had an incredibly catchy tune called "Roxanne." This three-week tour took the Police from low rent to world class, and in only a moment or so, Sting was a star. Behind The Music follows the singer from those tempestuous times with Andy Summers and Stewart Copeland, through his wide-ranging, ever-evolving solo career. A coming of age story if we've ever seen one.PRODUCER NOTESPaul BarrosseStingSting was interviewed at his Paris recording studio while he was in the mixing stage for his latest album "Brand New Day". While we were there his French Artist Pages "Outlandos" came by for a very-important 1st-time meeting with him. They all sat in a circle indian-style on the floor and talked to their idol, which we caught on camera and gave them a tape of.