Celebrity Cheaters

Ep 13510/25/2010

Nothing makes headlines like a celebrity caught cheating.It seems almost every month there's a new cheating scandal. Tiger Woods, Jesse James, John Edwards, Tiki Barber, Le Ann Rimes, David Letterman...the list goes on and on.Celebrity infidelity is almost an epidemic right now. Why would people who have everything they could possibly want (power, fame, fortune, success, etc.) cheat and risk losing everything? Is there something about their psychological makeup that leads them down this path? Are celebrities more prone to cheat than the average person? Are the temptations of the Hollywood lifestyle just too strong?VH1 News Presents: Celebrity Cheaters investigates these questions. The one-hour special also explores whether there is more cheating going on now or we're simply uncovering it more often thanks to our 24 hour news/internet cycle. It will examine the role the public plays in these scandals--why are we fascinated with the infidelity of our stars and why do we demand so much information about it?Celebrity Cheaters will track the fallout from these scandals: extreme financial losses, destroyed careers, and the need for carefully constructed PR campaigns to win back the public's trust. The show will assess which celebrity cheaters have successfully come back from their infamous transgressions and which ones haven't recovered.Plus, VH1 goes inside the scandalous world of the celebrity mistress -- with a rare interview from one of Tiger Woods' paramours, Joslyn James.