Leif Garrett: Behind the Music #52

Season 1 Ep 521/10/1999

He had a golden mane, a sparkling smile and an unforgettable name (pronounced Lafe). His movie star looks made young girls' hearts skip a beat, and he made his way to teen idol glory before he was old enough to drive a car. But just four years after his singing debut, Leif Garrett lost his luster."I was gonna be a rock star, I was gonna be Mick Jagger, I was gonna be Robert Plant, but that's not the way it went."Haunted by his inability to move beyond his unwanted teen idol status, and a devastating car accident that left his friend Roland Winkler partially paralyzed, Leif experienced a decade of self-destruction that included an addiction to heroin. For the first time ever, in "Leif Garrett: Behind The Music," Leif, his family and friends publicly discuss his rise and fall. "Leif Garrett: Behind The Music" also includes an emotional and revealing meeting between Leif and Roland, their first encounter in 20 years. "Leif Garrett: Behind The Music" includes interviews with Leif's mother, Carolyn Stellar, his former manager, Stan Moress, guitarist Don Cugini, Leif's cousin, Peter Underwood and record producer Michael Lloyd.