Politics: A Pop Culture History

Ep 11610/20/2004

Politics: A Pop Culture History will be a serious documentary using 30 years of music, movies and television as a prism through which to view a changing political culture. It will be the next installment of the VH1 series that began in 2003 with the award-winning AIDS: A Pop Culture History.Pop culture has always reflected, and commented on, America's political mood, from Rambo to The West Wing, and from Bruce Springsteen's hard-time anthems to Toby Keith's country-rock tales of a nation on a war footing. But increasingly, pop culture has actually become politics itself, and politics has become pop culture.For example: Political commentators from Bill O'Reilly to Al Franken are treated like pop stars. Political fundraisers look more like star-studded movie premieres than an opportunity to hob-nob with Washington. Movie houses are showing John Sayles' Silver City, about a gubernatorial candidate modeled on George W. Bush, and Will Ferrell recently recorded an ad that parodies the President's re-election bid. While Outkast stumps for Democrats and John Kerry talks about the social energy in rap music, Republicans reach out to the youth vote with a voter-registration truck parked outside MTV's studio.We'll track the effect of this summer's blockbuster film Fahrenheit 9/11 on public perception, and we'll attend Vote for Change, Bruce Springsteen and company's swing state tour that aims to oust President Bush from the White House this November. We'll shadow actor Stephen Baldwin as he attends the Republican National Convention and follow Everclear's Art Alexakis, rock star and elected delegate, to the Democrat National Convention.Using movie and TV clips and vintage footage along with new interviews, Politics: A Pop Culture History will explore how filmmakers, rappers and rockers have intersected, intertwined, clashed and collaborated with politicians over the years, and how we got to where we are today.VH1 FEATURED INTERVIEWS:CHEVY CHASEDAN RATHERMICHAEL MOOREDENNIS MILLERARI FLEISCHERGEORGE STEPHANOPOULOSAL FRANKENART ALEXAKIS of EverclearANN COULTERJANEANE GAROFALOCHUCK D.TED NUGENTEDIE FALCODAVID CROSSTOM DELONGEMOBYANA MARIE COX, wonkette.com, EditorLILA LIPSCOMB, Fahrenheit 9/11MARK KATZ, Clinton speechwriter/Author of Clinton and MeRJ CUTLER, American Candidate, Executive ProducerMONTEL WILLIAMS, American Candidate, HostED ROLLINS, Former White House Political Director/Republican StrategistSAUL WILLIAMS, Actor/Poet/MusicianRONALD BROWNSTEIN, The Power And The Glitter, AuthorLAURA DAWN, Moveon.org, Event and Cultural DirectorRAH DIGGAHENRY ROLLINSDAVID SCHWARTZ, American Museum Of The Moving Image, Curator Of DigitalROCHELLE SLOVIN, American Museum Of The Moving Image, Curator Of DigitalLAWRENCE O'DONNELL, Writer/Producer, The West WingKRIST NOVOSELIC, NirvanaBENJAMIN MCKENSIEMO ROCCAGEORGE WENDTRON SILVERSTEPHEN BALDWINHOWARD DEANRON REAGAN JR.GEORGE BUTLER, Director, Going UpriverADAM MCKAY, Writer, Saturday Night LiveRICHARD ROEPERRED CARPET INTERVIEWS:SPIKE LEECONGRESSMAN MIKE FOLEY (R, FL.)JOY BEHARRICHARD GEREYOKO ONOSEAN LENNONJOHN MCENROE & PATTY SMYTHECARSON DALYTIM ROBBINSRUSSELL SIMMONSKRISTA ALLENDANA DELANYLISA LOEBLIZ PHAIRCOLIN HANKSJOY BRYANTJASON BIGGSRON LIVINGSTONANDREW CUOMOTERRY MCAULIFFEWYCLEF3 ON 3JOE PANTOLIANOLEONARD HUBBARD, The Roots?UESTLOVE, The RootsILEANA DOUGLASPHIL DONAHUEJOE PISCOPOTIM BLACK NELSON