Plastic Surgery Obsessions

Ep 1151/3/2005

"America The Beautiful" is no longer just a patriotic anthem. This country has an obsession with physical perfection and a booming makeover industry fuels our desires - and anxieties. In VH1 News Presents: Plastic Surgery Obsession, we'll delve into why America has become makeover crazed and why everyone wants to look the same. It's Knife-Styles of the rich and famous for those indulging in the craze. But there are costs. Are we headed for E.T. Chic - a country of men and women who appear more alien than human? What's happened to our spirit of individuality? Are we creating a Stepford world, where we're all carbon copies of one another?We'll trace the history of Hollywood and Madison Avenue's obsession with youth. We'll review the early pioneers of plastic surgery, from the hush-hush beginnings to today, where plastic surgery is flaunted on television's newest Cinderella-reality stories. What happens to the people once the faces heal and the cameras leave? We'll introduce viewers to the latest trends in makeover madness, from Botox to silicone injections provided by unlicensed practitioners.