Season 1 Ep 314/8/2011

In LEMMY, directors Greg Olliver and Wes Orshoski explore the amazing life and career of heavy metal pioneer and cultural icon Lemmy Kilmister, the life force behind the enduring, influential band Motörhead. Over more than four decades, the booze- and drug-fueled, raspy-voiced Kilmister's career has intersected with many of the touchstone moments in rock: He saw the Beatles at the Cavern Club, he served as a roadie for Jimi Hendrix, he mentored Sid Vicious and played in both Merseybeat and psychedelic rock bands before fusing punk and metal and thus providing the inspiration for thrash metal with Motörhead. Along the way, he forever inspired the likes of Dave Grohl, Slash and Metallica, all of whom appear in LEMMY, alongside Ozzy Osbourne, Alice Cooper and more. Over three years, Olliver and Orshoski, followed the restless road warrior from his cluttered Hollywood apartment to the hockey arenas of Europe. Through catching Kilmister in quiet, revealing moments at home, during jam sessions with Dave Grohl, or as the rock hero test drives a WWII tank, they reveal a man who is more complex, philosophical and funny than most would expect. Artists from across the musical spectrum, including Joan Jett, The Clash's Mick Jones, Joy Division/New Order's Peter Hook and Pulp's Jarvis Cocker, join fellow friends and admirers like actor/musician Billy Bob Thornton and professional wrestler Triple H to explain how and why Kilmister has established himself as the living embodiment of the rock and roll lifestyle and the last of a dying breed.