Alice Cooper: Behind the Music #78

Season 1 Ep 785/2/1999

A look at a one of rock's most theatrical artists. Alice Cooper's music and boa constrictor antics on-stage are legendary. Here, Cooper discusses his band getting signed by Frank Zappa, the friction that erupted between Cooper & his band, forcing him to go solo, his bouts with alcoholism and his sanity, and the depression that overcame him when Heavy Metal music became passe in the late 70's and early 80's. Cooper also discusses his final battle with alcohol in a rehab-center in Arizona that has kept him sober ever since. With the release of his 1986 album "Trash", Cooper made his comeback and has been rockin' ever since. Includes interviews with the original band, Cooper's wife and mother, Shep Gordon (Manager), Joe Smith (Warner Bros. Records), Slash, Rob Zombie and Dee Snyder.