Big Ballers

Season 1 Ep 31/22/2007

The remaining 12 guys start their day with the usual trash talking until Chamo delivers a "New York Note". The next challenge will test the guys on their earning potential -- NY likes to spend mad cheddar so she needs a man who can bring home the bacon. The guys prepare their presentations and get dressed up in suits. They head to a boardroom where NY has invited a special guest to help her judge. But one of the guys has a mental breakdown during his presentation and storms out in tears -- he collapses and is tended to by EMTs.Back at the mansion, the results of the challenge are announced: the winner gets a date with NY and the loser gets a date with her mom. The loser's date gets cut short when he has another mental breakdown and Sister Patterson insists that he gets sent away to the looney bin. The next day, the guys throw a BBQ for NY and impress her with massages and lap dances. But later that night, she tells 2 more guys to get the f**k up out of her house.