Season 1 Ep 1985/11/2006

Ratt grabbed a decade of decadence by the tail, but their legendary excess came back to bite them -- it cost them their career, and, in the case of guitarist Robbin Crosby, his life. This special edition of Behind the Music contains exclusive behind the scenes footage of the band, as well as an never before seen interview with Robbin Crosby, conducted three years before his death. In the beginning, band crawled up from the Sunset Strip's hair metal scene in the early `80s scene to record a fistful of multiplatinum albums and fill arenas around the globe.Throughout the `80s, Ratt -- vocalist Stephen Pearcy, guitarists Robbin Crosby and Warren DeMartini, bassist Juan Croucier and drummer Bobby Blotzer -- were the toast of pop metal, thanks to the 1984 breakout hit Round and Round, whose video became an MTV staple. As the band became arena headliners, they turned all of America into their personal playground. Backstage, there was an endless procession of Jack Daniels, cocaine, pot, and young women willing to do anything to be near their heavy metal heroes.But the partying would eventually tear the band apart. Vocalist Stephen Pearcy's excessive boozing alienated the rest of the band and affected his performances - while onstage, he often forgot what city he was in. While DeMartini, Cloucier and Blotzer channeled their anger at their singer, Robbin Crosby was quietly wasting away. By 1985, he'd begun a debilitating heroin addiction that would lead to his ouster from the band in 1990. Already in a spiral, Crosby would get more bad news in 1994 - he was diagnosed as HIV positive. The diagnosis triggering a physical and emotional free-fall that would in 2002 result in his death from a fatal heroin overdose. Ratt: Behind The Music reveals the bands harrowing journey, from the beginning to the end and back to the newest beginnings for the surviving band members.