Journey: Behind the Music #143

Season 1 Ep 1432/18/2001

Journey was on top of music world in the early 80's producing a non-stop stream of hits: Open Arms, Faithfully, Don't Stop Believin' seemed as if every song they touched turned to platinum. However, as the decade came to a close, three of the band's top songwriters/performers (Steve Perry, Jonathan Cain, & Neal Schon) seemed to just disappear. Journey dropped out of the limelight just as suddenly they had taken it by storm. Years later, the band regrouped for the '96 reunion album "Trial by Fire" and garnered the band's first Grammy Nomination for the single "When You Love a Woman." However, the comeback was short-lived and rumors have swirled at a hurricane pace ever since - especially about the mysteriously private lead singer Steve Perry. Media-shy Perry and the rest of the band reveal the truth behind Journey as they discuss and re-live the glory years, tribulations and the ongoing legend of one of the great rock and roll bands.