Grand Funk Railroad: Behind the Music #55

Season 1 Ep 553/7/1999

They were a garage band from Flint Michigan who upstaged Led Zeppelin in Detroit and sold out Shea Stadium faster than the Beatles; excited fans nearly brought the structure down. Grand Funk Railroad (named after Michigan's Grand Trunk line) were the first band to have ten consecutive platinum albums, but that didn't help the power trio when they tried to fire their former singer-turned-manager Terry Knight, who was earning more money off the band than they were. Knight sued Grand Funk, and won the rights to all their music up to that point. But instead of buckling under this blow, they came back with the album We're An American Band, which produced their first #1 song. And today the funk lives on: reunited in '96 Grand Funk embarked on a sold-out, 85 city tour in 1998. They're getting closer to home every day.