Reality TV Secrets Revealed

Ep 1051/2/2004

In the last few years, Reality TV has become television's most popular form of entertainment. Each season, reality producers find new and outrageous ways to stir up emotion, romance and humiliation. What's the secret? Why do we watch? And how real is it?In this one-hour documentary, you'll get an insider's look into the unreal world of Reality TV. You'll find out just how far contestants, editors and producers will go in the name of big ratings, from re-enacting scenes to creatively editing footage to bringing in professional writers to help contestants with their dialogue. Here are just a few of the top scoops in this hour.Joe Millionaire's Sara Kozer claims her infamous make out scene in the woods with Evan Marriott was fraudulent. The audio of her moaning was taken from a completely different scene in the show- a back massage Sarah received from another contestant.The Restaurant's Gideon Horowitz had to re-enact the fall that broke his elbow.Through creative editing on Married by America, producers made it appear that Jill Nicolini dumped her fiancée at the altar.The Real World's Irene McGee describes how producers manipulated her into fighting with another cast member.Reality TV Secrets Revealed will bring viewers to a Reality casting session and illustrate how people get picked to appear on Reality TV. We'll also look at the ever-popular hidden-camera and prank shows like Candid Camera and Scare Tactics, and the emotional and physical suffering endured by some unsuspecting victims.Among the reality stars who tell these unreal stories in candid interviews are Joe Millionaire finalists Zora Andrich and Sarah Kozer; Survivor alumni Gervase Peterson and Jerri Manthey; Real Worlders Irene McGee and Amaya Brecher; The Bachelor's Chris Harrison and former American Idol host Brian Dunkleman; as well as assorted TV critics and behind the scenes players.On Reality TV Secrets Revealed we'll show you the tricks of the trade, and all the secrets the producers don't want you to hear.

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